Significant Other

■ Joshua Harmon’s Broadway show Significant Other opens on Wednesday May 30 at The Fugard Theatre. Significant Other follows Jordan Berman and his three closest friends as they navigate love, friendship and New York in their 20-something years. Jordan is single and finding Mr Right is much easier said than done. While surrounding himself with his close group of girlfriends, the only thing harder than looking for love is supporting the loved ones around him as they pair off and embark on their journey of marriage. The cast features Gabriel Meltz as Jordan, Dominique Maher as Kiki, Lesoko Seabe as Vanessa and Lucy Tops as Laura. Pictured at the back are Lesoko Seabe, Ryan de Villiers, Roberto Kyle, Dominique Maher and Lucy Tops with Gabriel Meltz in front. Tickets cost from R140 to R250 and can be booked through the Fugard Theatre box office on 021 461 4554.