A Mandela Day to for youth to remember

Young people at Salesian Institute Youth Projects on Mandela Day

The Salesian Institute Youth Projects (SIYP), which works with youth at risk, celebrated Mandela Day on Wednesday July 18 by reaching out to those in need.

The day kicked off with 200 Learn to Live pupils and around 100 programme students making a human formation of the numbers 46664 in commemoration of Nelson Mandela’s struggles in prison.

Pupils from the Learn to Live School of Skills contributed their 67 minutes to various activities in the Atlantic Seaboard, while the Youth Employment Skills Programme, Waves of Change, Porsche as well as the admin and development office at SIYP, each embarked on their own outreach for the day.

A team from the Salesian Institute Youth Projects under the leadership of the CEO Hilton Nyirenda did a life coaching session with a group of around 100 pre-release prisoners from Pollsmoor Prison.