A well-run City

David Lazarus, Sea Point

Our City is well-run and well-managed, one of the many reasons why Gautengers semi-grate to our beautiful city. So how is it possible that, after 478 days (at time of writing), numerous emails and much correspondence to and from the relevant authorities, including assurances by them of resolution with a time-line plus the intervention of our ward councillor, the original complaint (CCT Service Request number 1011362721 logged on August 1 2016) is still unresolved?

The pedestrian traffic light in the attached photographs (corner Beach and St Andrews) has been self-activating from green to red and back to green every 20 seconds. (Don’t be fooled by the street works, they’re merely another company laying fibre cables).

Can you imagine the frustration of motorists on an extremely busy through-route, having to stop for a pedestrian traffic light with no pedestrian in sight? And now the second season has arrived and still no solution. I simply cannot believe that our respected traffic authorities have allowed this situation to continue and appeal, once again, for this complaint to be resolved.

Brett Herron, mayoral committee member for transport and urban development, responds:

The pedestrian traffic light at the corner of Beach and St Andrews roads is on the list of site updates which the Transport Department is currently working through. The update to the pedestrian signal should be done in the next seven days. The City apologises for the delay in resolving this particular issue.