Carnival prep

Head of costumes Gillian Florence, from Greenpoint, has been part of the team for three years. Among the challenges of costume-making is the restrained budget, and making the headgear and backpacks safe, strong and pretty. The headgear and the backpacks are the boldest pieces, and because they are usually the biggest attraction of the costume, we have to make them so that they dont fall off while the person is moving, and the backpacks need to be made comfortable and safe, she said.

It was all glitter, colourful floats, costumes on mannequins and giant puppets at the Cape Town Carnival workshop, where a behind-the-scenes preview of the event was hosted on Thursday February 28. The workers at the warehouse, situated in Maitland, were piecing together the last bits, which will bring to life this year’s theme, Vuka Ukhanye: Arise and Shine! at the carnival which will take place on the Fan Walk on Saturday March 16.