Celebrating 17 years of technical vocational, education and training excellence

college of cape town

This year marks the 17th year of existence of the College of Cape Town. We have a proud history that reaches back over a century prior to the creation of the College as a merged institution in 2002, yet we remain responsive to the needs of our community.

We take pride in our growth and achievements. The College of Cape Town is rated as one of the top TVET Colleges in the country.

Our students receive recognised, accredited qualifications that are in high demand by commerce and industry throughout South Africa. These qualifications include skills programmes and National technical, vocational and occupational programmes.

The qualifications offered by the College are affordable and are quality assured by Umalusi, various SETAs, the Quality Council for Trades and Occupations (QCTO) and various professional bodies.

The College has recently been awarded the Ministers’ Award for the Most Innovatively Governed and Managed TVET College in South Africa, and the Most Innovative College in the area of Information and Communication Technology.

The College been selected as the National Centre of Specialisation in Plumbing and National Centre of Specialisation in Automotive, Motor Mechanics. This sets us apart from all other institutions.

Constantly moving forward

Our vision at the College of Cape Town is to be the preferred provider of Education and Training, by committing to be an institution of excellence.  We strive to develop the potential of our clients in response to the skills development needs of our country.

We value an environment of Ubuntu that includes respect, diversity, honesty, transparency, care, teamwork, commitment, empowerment, equal opportunities, embracing change and transformation.

The secret to our success

The College of Cape Town is proud of our brand and identity and celebrates all it encompasses.

The brand promise fulfils an important role in establishing what we stand for and want to achieve, it provides the ‘reason for being’.

Our aspiration is to inspire both younger and older minds to achieve their dreams and goals and also by assisting them in becoming skilled and productive citizens.

Our staff are highly motivated to provide the necessary learning through passion and inspiration to be effective in the classroom.

We provide the necessary theory together with practical and Industry-focused teaching methods.

Our unique identity

The strong red circle in our logo represents the College of Cape Town, a symbol of strength in Technical and Vocational Education and Training.

The smaller circles in orbit around the centre are our communities. These are our student communities, Commerce and Industry, SETA’s, Government, our staff and other local and International stakeholders that we hold close to our core.

The College provides high-quality education and training to equip students with the qualifications and skills needed for their career path. We support our students throughout their time with the College, from academic support, work integrated learning, health and wellness services, sport and recreation, and work placement.

Our students are not just local; they come from all the provinces of South Africa, the Southern African Development Community (SADC), and many countries abroad.  We embrace all nationalities.

Our Staff and Students

Our students and staff literally carry the brand with pride wherever they go by wearing branded clothing. They also learn to live the values that the College represents and that will carry them forward in their journey of life.


The College collaborates with external partners to address skills development and education and training needs to ensure that our students get relevant qualifications.

College of Cape Town leads in the field of Technical and Vocational Education and Training and has much to offer students and prospective partners.  The alternative that works!

Born Of Experience And Reflecting Our Reputation

‘Education means inspiring someone’s mind, not just filing their head’- Katie Lusk