Centenarian celebrates birthday in style

Monte Rosa old age home resident Esme Grove turned 100 on Thursday February 6.

Does your mani and pedi match? Lipstick matches your nails? No? Well, for 100-year-old Esme Grove, they do and they’ve always been.

This was heard at the centenarian’s birthday celebration at the Monte Rosa old age home, in Gardens on Thursday, February 6.

Family and close friends gathered at the old age home to share memories of the good old days with Ms Grove.

Ms Grove, who is now deaf, was described as a person who has always loved make-up and just looking pretty. Ms Grove said the secret to the longevity of her life was reading.

Her eldest daughter, Sue Grove, said she and her sister Linda Grove, grew up in a warm lovely home. She said her mother loved reading so much that, even today, at 100, she still reads, without glasses.

A family friend, Lynn Domancie, said she’s known Ms Grove since she was born as they were neighbours in Camps Bay.

She said it was a blessing to share this amazing moment with her.

She said she was friends with her daughter, Linda before she relocated to the USA. She said she has always had respect for Ms Grove.

“She always keeps herself well-groomed. Always pleasant, gentle and she’s beautiful and she’s the epitome of a lady,” she said.

Another old friend, Sandy Elliot, said her mother was friends with
Ms Grove. She said she’s never
heard her raise her voice and looking cross.

“She and mom were the same, the two of them would just sit, looking very beautiful and listen to the men arguing about politics and everything,” she said.

She said she remembers her daughter, always up in the tree because
Ms Grove was always chasing her to put on a dress and she always ran away.

The staff at the home said she was a wonderful woman who does her hair twice a week.They said she has a special bond with everyone at the home.

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