CID contributes to safety in Sea Point

Sea Point CID members and partners gathered at the Protea Hotel in Sea Point for their annual general meeting.

The main road in Sea Point has developed into a great space to experience fine dining and a safe, vibrant nightlife.

This was heard at the Sea Point City Improvement District (SPCID) annual general meeting at Protea Hotel on Tuesday, November 13.

Outgoing SeaPoint CID chairperson, Christos Yiacoumis, gave his last report to the CID members, City officials and police officers present.

Mr Yiacoumis touched on the developments the area has seen within the Sea Point CID boundary. He said these had created job opportunities in the area.

“We have five large apartment blocks being built. The Adelphi Centre was recently renovated and upgraded while the Ritz Hotel has gone undergone a refurbishment.”

He said although there were challenges, the CID had been a major player in achieving a safe environment in Sea Point.

He acknowledged the partnership with the law enforcement agencies and the City and beamed when he talked about the SPCID collaboration with the police. He said they have installed in excess of 80 licence plate recognition cameras in their boundary and surrounds.

“These cameras play a vital role in curbing crime and assisting the police in apprehending and successfully prosecuting criminals.”

Mr Yiacoumis thanked his colleagues and the community for their effort in achieving what Sea Point is today.

SPCID chief operating officer, Heather Tager, said they have been able to significantly reduce crime and have kept the cleaning team on their toes. Touching on the issue of homelessness in the area, Ms Tager said they are often blamed for this problem in Sea Point.

“Practically, the SPCID has neither the mandate nor the authority to alleviate this social problem,” she said.

On the issue of what she said was the most challenging issue in the area – social crime — Ms Tager said the SPCID patrol the streets 24/7 and keep a sharp eye on any unwanted behaviour.

She said a distinction must be drawn between social nuisance and real crime.

“We have been instrumental in organising extra weekly operations with law enforcement, SAPS and Metro police. These add manpower and have proven to be very successful,” she said.

Ms Tager said they strive to improve service delivery and they were proud to say that they have fulfilled their commitment and will continue to do their best.