CID’s mandate

Heather Tager, Chief Operations Officer, Sea Point CID

I refer to the article “More tussling over toilets” (Atlantic Sun August 16), and in particular the section where Julian Sendin of Reclaim the City said, “that income should come from the Sea Point CID as such initiatives fall within their mandate”.

I would like to set the record straight – the Sea Point CID operates in a clearly defined geographical area which is only along Main Road/Regent Road from Glengariff to the Queens Road Circle.

All monies collected is ring fenced to be ploughed back exclusively into the CID area according to an approved business plan.

Hence, money collected by the CID cannot be used on the Beach Front as it does not fall within the CID’s geographical area.

It must not be forgotten that the City is still the primary service provider while the CID provides supplementary services.

I have, however, always pushed for the toilets to stay open at least until 10pm, especially during the season, as I do not believe that they are used excessively after 10pm.