City Council approves heritage protection for Bo-Kaap

Heritage status for Bo-Kaap has been approved.
City Council approved the inclusion of the Bo-Kaap area in a heritage protection overlay zone (HPOZ) yesterday.

The HPOZ will become effective once published in the Provincial Gazette. 

This follows months of protests by residents over plans to develop the area.

Mayor Dan Plato said: “Council’s approval marks a pivotal moment for the Bo-Kaap.  Residents’ plight in getting the Bo-Kaap area included in an HPOZ has been ongoing for nearly four years. The Bo-Kaap is entering a new chapter where residents and land owners can actively promote it as a heritage tourist destination to the benefit of the local community, as well as the broader Cape Town.”

The City conducted a public participation process about the proposal to include the Bo-Kaap area in an HPOZ. 

The process ran from Friday January 18 to Friday February 22. 

In the end, 2 298 comments were received of which 2 271 were in support of the proposal.

Mayoral committee member for spatial planning and environment, Marian Nieuwoudt, said: “Evidently, those who participated want the City to protect the Bo-Kaap’s long-term sustainability as a cultural asset. By including the Bo-Kaap in an HPOZ we will ensure that this uniqueness is harnessed and promoted for future generations and visitors.”