Computer lab brings positive change to St Paul’s

Teachers help Grade 6 pupils at the schools new computer lab.

St Paul’s Primary School in the Bo-Kaap opened its new computer lab last Friday, August 3.

The new resource was made possible by Partners for Possibility, which links school principals with business leaders.

The organisation aims to empower principals to become change leaders in their schools and communities.

This time, Partners for Possibility brought electronics manufacturer Cirtech and Woolworths on board to help pupils at the school get access to technology.

The initiative had been in the pipeline for the past two years.

Cirtech has sponsored the school with computers and Woolworths assisted with built-in cupboards, paint and carpets and other equipment needed for the lab. Principal Yeye Mgudlwa expressed gratitude to the partners.

She told them about the difference the computers would make, not only to the pupils but to the staff and the school.

“Pupils and teachers come and go, but the resources and the information that will be gained using these resources will remain and make a positive impact on the society,” said Ms Mgudlwa.

She said the computers couldn’t have come at a better time because pupils were getting ready for their systemic tests.

Ms Mgudlwa said although the project took longer than expected, she knew that things happened for a reason.

She said when she announced that they would get computers the staff and the pupils were excited. “When it took longer, they’d ask when are the computers coming but I kept quiet because I knew that it would happen for the greater good,” she said.

The financial director for Cirtech, Sascha Bierberg, hailed the teachers and the principal for helping to change of the pupils and the community.

Mr Bierberg thanked the partners for being part of this initiative. “It was not easy. We faced so many challenges in 2017 and at some point, I started doubting that we would make it, but we’re grateful to everyone who came on board.”

Mr Beirberg said this was a great example of what teamwork, collaboration and networking could do. “This is a great example of what life relationships and community could achieve if we could all come together,” said Mr Bierberg,

The project manager at Woolworths, Brint Lance, said they were privileged to be getting an opportunity to change people’s lives.

“We looked at the history of the school and we realised that we had to be part of this initiative and we know this is going to make an impact,” he said.

Mr Lance said they might not be able to make a change, but the teachers could do that. “Teachers have the ability to change the community and the country because they’re able to touch someone’s life in the classroom who’d make a change in the world, this is to thank you,” he said.