Flentov continues as GPNW chairman

Sea Point SAPS have distanced themselves from the Green Point neighbourhood watch.

At a virtual Green Point Neighbourhood Watch (GPNW) AGM held on Thursday March 24, the members of the GPNW unanimously voted for Peter Flentov to continue as chairperson of the crime prevention team.

But Sea Point SAPS have distanced themselves from the watch.

On Thursday March 10 Mr Flentov was called to a meeting with Sea Point SAPS station commander Colonel Helena Mouton, and Heather Taeger, the chairperson of the Sea Point community police forum where Mr Flentov, who is now in his third term as chairman, had been advised to step down from the GPNW.

Colonel Mouton had instructed him to do so due to conflicts involving him on social media platforms.

“Colonel Mouton said if I do not step down, SAPS Sea Point will stop co-operating with the Green Point Neighbourhood Watch,” Mr Flentov said.

On Tuesday March 15, said Mr Flentov, he had a meeting with the GPNW management committee to suggest he step down, but the members confirmed their support for him as chairperson.

Sea Point SAPS confirmed that they had distanced themselves from working with the neighbourhood watch due to the ongoing disputes on social media involving Mr Flentov.

“The mere disassociation with the Green Point Neighbourhood Watch does not imply that Sea Point SAPS will no longer interact with the community of Green Point, and will continue to liaise with all community structures within the Green Point area with the view of preventing and combating crime,” said provincial police spokesman Colonel Andrè Traut.

Colonel Traut added that the disassociation would continue until the conflict was resolved.