Gone before you know it

Sam Payne, Green Point

Regarding the article “Hole in heritage building angers residents,” (Atlantic Sun, August 11), I really hope this sad event has opened up the council’s eyes to what is actually going on around the areas of the Atlantic seaboard along with the consequences involved.

Properties are being destroyed to ground level to make way for huge developments and it’s quite irritating to see. People are losing light, privacy and the value of properties as these buildings are constructed.

Some images I have seen of what is being built in front, next to and behind some homes are soul-destroying. It’s basically becoming “pass the sugar “ from balcony to door.

Can you imagine if people were sitting down in their living room and their house caves in causing injury or death?

I say again, that this incident that has happened in Napier Street makes the “select-ion” and “approval “ of sites more than just a cash cow but for consideration of all around.

I even ask if certain properties are cleared as heritage homes? Seems not. They are knocked down too quickly, in a blink of an eye, before questions can be asked.