Improve the device

Gerhard Venter, Cape Town

Have you noticed that most (if not all) of the devices/keypads where you enter your PIN, do not reflect the total value of the transaction? Yes, the cash register displays the amount, but you are immediately asked, “Enter your PIN please,” and we tend to oblige without first confirming the amount.

I believe it would make more sense if the keypad also reflected the amount of the sale. Then it is right in front of your eyes and it gives you the opportunity to query the price (or the total cost) before you enter your PIN.

I believe such a mechanism may have saved Lindsey Hall the hassles she now has.

Would it not make sense to put some pressure on our banks to make such an improvement?

Back to the dress – it would be interesting to see how Larissima print their numbers on the tags of their merchandise.

Maybe four numbers without spaces?