Lions club treats seniors

After failing to host their annual seniors’ lunch the previous year, Sea Point Lions Club, with the help of neighbouring clubs, served up a feast at the civic centre on Sunday, November 17.

Sea Point Lions Club president, Mikael Garcia, said they had to cancel last year’s lunch because the hall was undergoing renovations.

“For the past 45 plus-odd years we have had these lunches, there has never been a time where we have had to cancel and last year was the first to be quite honest.”

He said considering the fact that they missed a year, he is happy that the outcome was still the same and people were still, “having fun.”

The Mitchell’s Plain Lions Club had a diabetes and blood pressure testing station for seniors.

For every lunch a theme is given with matching decorations and the elderly dress up.

This year’s theme was, “Christmas, as you can see for yourself,” said Mikael.

The purpose of the lunch is to get the elderly out of their retirement homes, to get them to participate in social activities and have fun, he said.

“We have seniors from all walks of life and from different communities join us,” and he said that seeing them come together and put their differences aside is something, “beautiful to witness.”

People from Sea Point, Mitchell’s Plain, Bo-Kaap, Kensington and Philippi joined at the hall for the lunch.

First time Athlone Lions Club volunteer, Naathirah Hendricks, said she heard people say that the turnout was always great and, “being here to witness it blew me away.”

Mayor Dan Plato joined the lunch. “It is good getting people together from across all spectrums and I take my hat off for the club for bringing people of all ages, races, backgrounds and religions together,” he said.

Sea Point Lions Club’s longest serving members and sponsors are Ralph and Myra Sher. Ralph has been a member for 58 years and Myra for 40 years.

He said it is good to know that they are part of something great and he said that he finds it sad that youth do not want to volunteer.

“The number of young volunteers has dropped and their mindset has also changed compared to how things used to be.”