More education needed

Cher Poznanovich, Sea Point

I am a cold water swimmer, which means I swim a few times a week, winter and summer, all along the Atlantic coast.
I know our beaches well.

And in all my time on the beaches, I very seldom come across much dog excrement. I see many responsible dog owners with their packets and the occasional few who don’t is simply not causing a catastrophe.

However, we have some video footage of the amount of human waste such as plastic and paper on every single beach which is cause for greater concern.

I wish the City would stop its draconian dog laws and spend more effort in educating the public about pollution.

Our dogs like to run and swim free and there are very few options left in this city where a dog can swim in the sea, as dogs love to do.

The so-called Blue Flag beaches are questionable, as I have just returned from Europe where dogs are welcome on any beach. It is a way of life there as dogs not only provide companionship, they are generally a part of the family.

It is also apparent that the City’s drains run into the sea, polluting it with plastic. We find this especially in Mouille Point Beach and let’s not mention the human excrement choking our sea.

Come on Cape Town, you can do better.