Poor water management

Barry Thomas, Green Point

The DA and the handling of the water crisis is very disappointing.

How can anyone vote for them?

This problem could have been alleviated years ago when experts forecast a water shortage but they put their heads in the sand.

They didn’t feel like spending the money on desalination plants.

Even now we believe there is a lot of water running under the city and out to sea and very little effort to divert it into the reticulation system.


Not only are we ratepayers suffering the effects of bad planning and poor management of our water supply and also paying very dearly for the water we are not getting, but we just received our account for December which shows that there are even more morons working for the City of Cape Town.

Even though we are a very popular guest house, with up to 14 people here at any one time, with care during the last year, we have managed to reduce our consumption by up to 45%. The latest account is an estimated one because nobody came to read the meter, and yet is four times more than our average for the last six months. It is hardly rocket science to work out the average. Where did they find this figure?

We have never, ever paid this much not even before water restrictions and increased tariffs.

We work right through the holidays and weekends.

The meter readers should work shifts and trouble themselves to come and do the job they are paid to do, reading meters.