Pop-up channel screens Madiba films

To commemorate the centenary of Nelson Mandela’s birth, a four-part mini-series of the film Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom will be broadcast on the special Mandela 100 Tribute Pop-Up channel until Sunday July 22.

The channel will also screen the Mandela Documentary Collection, which includes Beyond Long Walk to Freedom, Countdown to Freedom, Prisoners of Hope, A Hero for All and Viva Madiba.

The mini-series tells the Madiba story in a more detailed manner – his childhood; adapting to life in the big city of Johannesburg; becoming politicised, then incarcerated for almost three decades and ultimately becoming president of a democratic South Africa.

Commenting on the creation of the mini-series, producer Anant Singh said, “During the production, we shot an enormous amount of footage that was not used in the feature film due to time limitations, and decided to create the mini-series.

“We are very pleased that this enables us to tell the complete Madiba story as it includes scenes of his childhood in the Transkei; being sent to live with the Tembu Regent, Jongintaba; his move to Johannesburg and experiencing the vibrance of Sophiatown and its destruction and his internship with the Johannesburg law firm, Witkin, Sidelsky and Eidelman and many other watershed moments in his life.

“We are thrilled to share our vision of a four-part mini-series of Madiba’s journey with South African audiences as we celebrate his 100th birthday.”

Singh’s Mandela Documentary Collection covers the period beginning shortly before South Africa’s first democratic elections to his death in December 2013.

“I am fortunate to have had unprecedented access to events with Madiba after his release from prison, and to record historic events for posterity through the production of these films which remind us of Madiba’s legacy and his selfless leadership,” he said.

The Mandela 100 Tribute Pop-Up Channel can be found at Channel 199 on the DStv bouquet.

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