Remembering Athan

Athan Glover, 43, died in his home from heart failure.

Freelance chef and a familiar resident of Green Point, Athan Glover, 43, died suddenly from heart failure in his home on Saturday February 3.

Mr Glover, who hailed from Melville in Johannesburg, was loved and known by many people in the neighbourhood, specifically because of his helpful and caring nature for everybody, from the homeless to the elderly and pets.

He gained experience in the hotel industry in Bristol in England for over six years, after which he travelled extensively and returned to South Africa in 2005.

He settled in Green Point, where he got involved in various enterprises in the catering and restaurant trade.

He had a close relationship with everybody, from the person at the till at the supermarket, the newspaper seller at the end of York Road, the smouse on street corners from whom he purchased fruit, and the elderly who needed lifts or company.

His death caused grief to all those whose lives he touched. He was a well-known figure in the area because of his altruistic and outgoing personality. If the neighbourhood could have a brand ambassador, he was it.

Mr Glover is survived by his mother, four siblings and a life partner, Graham Sonnenberg.