Response to MyCiTi complaint

Brett Herron, Mayco member for transport, City of Cape Town

This letter is in response to Vincent Jansen’s letter (“MyCiTi pain”, Atlantic Sun letters, June 9).

Transport for Cape Town (TCT), the City’s transport authority, received Mr Jansen’s complaint at 2.26pm on Wednesday June 1.

An appeal form and reference number was issued to Mr Jansen on the same day. TCT subsequently investigated and initiated the processing of the refund at 3.05pm on Friday June 6.

The officials investigated the incident – it seems from our records that Mr Jansen tapped in twice on the in-validator, a minute apart, at the same stop at the Somerset Hospital on request of the bus driver.

The City apologises for the inconvenience and can confirm that Mr Jansen has been refunded an amount of R22.

The claim forms are available on the MyCiTi website and at MyCiTi kiosks and can either be handed in at the kiosks, emailed, posted or faxed to the Transport Information Centre who will issue a reference number to the complainant (as was the case with Mr Jansen).