Rhino continues paving the way

Rhino Bulo, a homeless man living on the streets of the Atlantic seaboard, plans to create a walkway at Mouille Point beach so that residents will be able to walk there with ease.

The second staircase built by Rhino Bulo blends in with the environment.

Last year the Atlantic Sun spoke to Mr Bulo, 29, who is from Mozambique, about his building activity on the same beach when he built a staircase (“Rhino builds staircase for residents”, Atlantic Sun, August 5).

Since then he has added two staircases and plans to create a pathway and is appealing for funds to complete these projects.

“The second staircase was easier to build. I started with it in October and finished in November. The first one was my training so it was easier to make this one. For the third staircase I need more cement and I’m hoping people will give me money for this,” Mr Bulo said.

“I used 22 bags of cement for this staircase and people gave me money regularly so that’s why I could build it quickly. I’m waiting for more money to finish the third steps, it’s taking time but I’ll be patient.”

Rhino points to where he wants to create a walkway.

Mr Bulo says he often sees elderly people walking on the beach and because the surface is uneven, he had the idea of levelling the ground and creating a walkway.

“We want to make this path a pavement so that the old people can walk nicely. I will need cement for this as well and a South African guy, he is also homeless, will assist me,” he said.

“We are ready to start making the pavement and I see people like sitting on the staircase, so maybe we can also make benches so people can sit here and take pictures.”

Besides creating the stairs and the potential to build a walkway, Mr Bulo wants to fix a piece of pavement that has broken off on the main walkway.

These are the rocks Rhino Bulo collects to build a staircase and soon a walkway.

At the time of publication there was no response from the ward councillor regarding Mr Bulo’s building activities.