Robber arrested by CID

The armed suspect was handed over to police.

An armed robber was apprehended by the Sea Point Central Improvement District (CID) in Beach Road last week.

A CID officer was busy with his routine patrols on Friday May 15 when he was flagged down by a resident who told him that he had just been robbed of his backpack by a man with a knife. The robbery had taken place around 7:15pm.

The officer alerted all surrounding officers and the control room to mobilise additional units and began to search for the suspect. They spotted the man walking along Beach Road. He was apprehended and handed over to the SAPS.

Meanwhile, the Sea Point CID said it has further strengthened its day time public safety officers complement with two additional officers, taking up the total number of guards on duty to 13 a day.

The CID stated that they are doing this to secure and safeguard residents who are continually being targeted by aggressive individuals who try to intimidate those coming out of shops.

“The increased deployment has resulted in the CID board drawing funding from their reserve account but will not allow our area to become unsafe,” they said.

Green Point Neighbourhood Watch (GPNW) assisted in the arrest of a man who attempted to rob and assault a resident in Green Point last week.

A member of the watch’s crime and emergency reporting group alerted Avenue Response (AR) to the incident minutes after it happened, and they immediately responded and apprehended the suspect nearby and called on GPNWs radio network and the police, who arrested the man.