Sea Cadets ‘serious fun’

Sea Cadets

Lietenant Commander Glenn von Zeil, SA Naval Reserves

Sea Cadets from TS Woltemade represented the South African Sea Cadets Corps at the 2019 Armed Forces Day.

The Sea Cadets performed a precision drill routine they developed to highlight the SA Navy warship’s visit to the V&A Waterfront.

The SA Navy and the Sea Cadets have had a close bond since the inception of Naval Cadets in 1905.

The name changed to Sea Cadets, as it is known internationally, in 1969 when the Navy League incorporated school units.

This close relationship has been maintained during the past 25 years since the advent of democracy, continuing to provide youth with opportunities, professional instructors and skills.

There are 14 training ships (units) located around the country.

As the Sea Cadets provides youth, aged 13 to 17, with maritime and nautical skills, it is the logical place for them to start exploring a maritime career, whether in the SA Navy or merchant nay, fishing fleet, ship building or related industries.

Their activities appeal to school-going boys and girls from Grade 6 to Grade 12 who enjoy having serious fun while learning leadership, self-discipline and maritime orientated skills.

The land-based training ships located around the country provide a safe space with competent instructors at which training can take place.

Training takes place on Friday nights or Saturdays with leadership camps during the school holidays.

The highlight of the year is the annual camp hosted by the SA Navy in Simon’s Town.

A crowd followed the precision drill squad around the harbour from berth to berth, and the younger Sea Cadets ushered the public to the warships and answered any questions as best as they could.

Those Sea Cadets participating in 2019 Armed Forces Day were rewarded with a special tour of a frigate on the Sunday.

Thank you to the SA Navy for always remembering the Sea Cadets and for making opportunities available to them.