Sea Point resident celebrates 100th birthday

Lorna Wege turned 100 on Sunday.

A little glass of sherry before dinner every night is one of Lorna Wege’s secrets to good health and longevity.

The 100-year-old Sea Point resident celebrated her birthday on Sunday, May 30.

The centenarian grew up in England and moved to South Africa just at the end of World War 2 as her husband was involved in the military and had to form a unit for the prisoners of war (POWs).

“Growing up in England we never had much but we made the most of what we had. There was always enough. My parents were church-going people with good morals,” she said.

She said after high school she trained to become a nursing sister at King’s College Hospital and specialised in general surgery, gynaecology and midwifery.

Ms Wege said all inventions in her lifetime have been amazing but when she worked as a nursing sister all the new medical breakthroughs were highlighted. “Each decade has brought its joys and disappointments,”she said.

Sharing her secret to good health, Ms Wege said she made sure that she always followed a nutritious diet.

“I never over-indulged in anything. Every night before dinner I would have a little glass of sherry. I did crossword puzzles daily,” she said.

She and her husband never had children and she has no more living family members.

Melanie Uranovsky, whose family have been friends with Ms Wege for years, has looked after her like a daughter for the past 15 years when she started to become frail. “When she went into frail care, I used to visit her five days a week ( prior to Covid-19). I adore her, she has the quirkiest sense of humour and a fantastic memory. She is kind, positive, sweet and one of my very favourite people.

“She looks at me and she can judge so quickly if I am not feeling well and then gives me medical advice which is always spot on and makes perfect sense,” she said.

Ms Wege enjoys Lindt dark chocolate and plain butter biscuits. “I have lived a wonderful life and have no regrets,” said the young lady at heart.