The heat is on

Jill Kaganson, Green Point

I write in response to the City’s mayco member for transport and urban development, Brett Heron’s reply to “Parking price hike” (Atlantic Sun letters, August 3) to discourage private car use(and)to encourage the use of public transport services.

I have tried. I tried last November, or was it the November before. I tried, once. And there is no way you will get me back onto a MyCiTi bus unless you install air conditioning.

I reckon that eight out of 10 times I use my car, I would prefer to use the bus.

I need my car only for big shopping trips, about every other month.

My MyCiTi bus stop is right outside my flat and it would be, most of the time, much more convenient to take the bus. But you have those tiny little windows which, even when open, are useless even in November when it’s not that hot.

So on my one and only ride, dying of heat, I got off the bus and took a taxi home. And I am not that old – I am 64. You can raise the parking tariffs to even more iniquitous heights, I am not going to nearly pass out from the heat on a MyCiTi bus again.

In addition, the card is too hard to find.

It should be sold everywhere newspapers are sold.

I had to go to hell and gone to buy the card. I have watched tourists try to board the bus – no can do. And do I hate seeing tourist money going begging.

So, Mr Herron, fix these two things – put in air conditioning and make the card ubiquitously available – advertise that you have fixed them, and I will be a grateful MyCiTi bus rider nearly every single day of the week.