This school needs to be a school

Pamela Koonin, Sea Point

Everyone writes about Tafelberg School, whereas Tafelberg Remedial School only occupied the property for a relatively short time from the 1990s, and the school has been closed for more than five years after they moved.

This property is still known to Sea Pointers as Ellerslie Girls High, and there are many residents who have grandmothers and even great grand-mothers who were past pupils.

The building is more than 100 years old and is historical as are the Camphor trees which line the driveway and may not be removed, rendering this property unsuitable for residential development.

I also fail to see how Ndifuna Ukwazi, gardeners and domestic workers can claim the property was promised to them when I myself saw it advertised in the newspapers, along with three other properties ages ago, making it an open tender process as Mr Dube has stated.

This school needs to be a school again as it was always meant to be.

The imposing old building needs loving restoration, our old tennis, netball, basketball courts and swimming pool, where our children learnt to swim, should be restored and the sound of children should ring in the playgrounds once more.

What was suitable for low-cost housing is the massive property at the top of Tramway Road, which is now set to be a luxury develop-ment. Where was Ndifuna Ukwazi when this property was up for grabs? The old saying “Snooze you lose”, should be heeded.

We are delighted that our old school is set to be a centre of learning and progress in Sea Point once more after standing empty and forlorn for so many years.