University protests

The disruptions, destruction and the closure of universities is now doing more harm than any good that could possibly have come out of the protests.

Making the situation even worse is the fact that those most injured are the blameless students who have invested in their education and, in many cases, borrowed money to finance it.

If the academic year cannot be completed in an orderly manner, this money will have been wasted and the year will be lost. It seems that a small minority of students have inflicted a terrible blow on their comrades.

There are better and more orderly ways to pursue a transformation agenda and to argue for a better deal for students.

Universities are places of learning, thought and reason. They are attended by people seeking knowledge and skills and to develop their mental abilities. What we are seeing is the exact opposite.

Many students appear to have turned their backs on the very reasons for the existence of universities and higher education. They are spoilers and do not deserve their places in our illustrious institutions.

The actions show little respect for the university and people who do not respect the university do not belong there.

South Africa is a democracy, and in a democracy we cannot let a minority call the tune.

We believe the overwhelming majority of students want to return to their studies. People obstructing university activities should be removed from the campus.