War on plastic

1st Camps Bay Cubs and Scouts

A group of cub scouts from the 1st Camps Bay Club pack recently tackled plastic waste for the Scouts South Africa National Annual Club Challenge, and in partnership with the Two Oceans Aquarium. The importance of decreasing plastic use was made clear when Hayley McLellan, Two Oceans Aquarium Environmental Campaigner, founder of Rethink the Bag and 5 Gyres Institute ambassador, visited the pack and gave them a talk on the detrimental impact of plastics on the environment and gave tips on how to eradicate plastic pollution. The cubs made their first step by pledging to make their 1st Camps Bay Scout hall a single-use-plastic free space and challenged their friends and families to use only reusable shopping bags, refuse disposal coffee cups, plastic straws and balloons. For their final task they cleaned-up Camps Bay Beach. In just two hours, they filled five large trash bags. For more information on 1st Camps Bay Cubs and Scouts, go to www.1stcampsbay.co.za