‘We need more law enforcement’

The Sea Point Community Police Forum (CPF) has called for more City law enforcement officers to be deployed to the neighbourhood for the summer season.

CPF chairwoman Heather Tager said more boots on the ground were needed to handle the thousands of visitors expected in the area.

“I make a request for extra law enforcement members over this period every year,” she said.

“We are expecting an influx of people especially to the swimming pool and beaches as a number of pools will be closed due to the water crisis.”

She hoped to see the extra officers deployed by the end of the week.

Thefts from cars, remote jamming, ATM card fraud, pickpocketing and smash and grabs are problems in the area at this time of year.

“While in restaurants, keep all your valuables within eyesight – don’t leave handbags on the back of chairs or cellphones lying on the table,” said Ms Tager.

Other safety tips include the following:

Don’t leave valuables visible in vehicles.

Check manually that your car is locked.

Don’t pick up hitch-hikers.

Use ATMs in well lit and safe areas.

Don’t accept help from strangers when using the ATM, and watch out for people standing very close to you and looking over your shoulder as you type your PIN.

Don’t drink and swim.

Sea Point police spokeswoman Captain Elizabeth Munro said more police officers would be deployed to the neighbourhood during the holidays.

“It is very important to work hand in hand with various partnerships to fight crime.

“The CPF are in the community and can give first-hand information and feedback,” she said.