What a mess

Eden Stanich, Sea Point

What is happening in Rhine Road, Sea Point?

About a month ago they started to dig up the one side of both Upper and Lower Rhine Road, apparently to lay a new water pipe.

The road is a total mess and a danger to both cars and pedestrians.

Not much work seems to be taking place, with little attempt being made to try and finish off at least part of the road.

Rhine Road is an exceptionally busy road with trucks needing access to deliver to Pick * Pay on a daily basis.

I cannot understand why the are not working nights or weekends to try and complete the job?

Does anybody know what is happening?

* Ward councillor Jacques Weber, responds:

The City of Cape Town is undertaking a water pipe replacement project within Rhine and Upper Rhine Road in line with our infrastructure upgrading policy. To reduce the the inconvenience to the residents caused by this project, the pipe is replaced in segments.

This allows the City to install bypass lines which will then ensure constant water supply to all residents.

Unfortunately, we have experienced a substantial number of breaks within the bypass line due to heavy vehicles and trucks driving over the lines and breaking them. We have since placed more sandbags over this pipe to prevent this matter from reccurring and this seems to be working.

I received complaints about the risk to vehicles and additional signboards have been installed, warning motorists of the roadworks.

The City conducts night work operations on some projects, however, this results in an enormous noise disturbance and when working with pipes, light is required.

We apologise for any inconvenience and disruption that the above-mentioned project has caused. The project is nearing completion.

Once completed, the residents will reap the benefits of an upgraded water supply line.