Yay and nay on traffic calming

A request for calming measures between Glengariff and York road, has been noted.

A request for traffic calming measures at Main Road between Glengariff and York Road, Green Point, was brought before Sub-council 16.

The officials heard that this was necessary so that vehicles could safely access the main road from eight intersections.

Ward councillor Dave Bryant said the road is used by public transport and accommodates a high volume of traffic.

There are many accesses to the road and residents and other drivers park their cars on the side.

Introducing traffic calming measures to minor residential roads is to reduce the risk of death or injury of road users, particularly at the busy intersections.

Meanwhile, the transport department has approved the request for traffic calming measures at the corner of Main and Hill roads, Green Point. Sub-council agreed on the approval of a public participation process that must be conducted about the proposed change of Hill Road into a one-way.

Sub-council also agreed with the traffic department that no calming measures are needed for Portswood Road.

In a letter to sub-council, senior traffic engineer, Deon Manuel, stated that Portswood Road has been classified as a Class 3 Local distributor since it forms a major link between Helen Suzman Boulevard, the V&A Waterfront and the greater beach road community and hotels.

“It is considered to be a public transport route and for MyCiTi and the mini-bus taxis alike. Traffic calming measures along this route will therefore not be considered,” he said.