Women educated in technology

Co-founder of NFTy Art Melissa Slaymaker and co-founder of Artjamming, Leora Hessen during their workshop on NFTs.

NFTy-Art in collaboration with cryptocurrency company Binance hosted a Women’s Day event on Friday August 18 at the Art Jamming Studio at the Waterfront.

Lizelle Africa from West Beach in Blouberg starts with her masterpiece.

NFTy-Art assists artists in creating and displaying NFT (non-fundible token) art and products in the metaverse.

The women invited were given a crash course in NFT art and were given the opportunity to ask questions about cryptocurrency and blockchain – a decentralised, distributed and public digital ledger that is used to record transactions across many computers.

Kelly Appolis from Lansdowne starts her background on the canvas.

Thereafter, the women were able to create their own painting that will be transformed into a digital painting and minted into an NFT, then displayed in the metaverse.

Tanya Wheeler from Newlands had fun splashing paint onto her canvas.
Yonela Masumpa from Khayelitsha Tatum Ludolph from Muizenberg get busy mixing paints.
Brenda Wentzel from Newfields
Steffi Mackay from DeWaterkant and Olivia Sadleir from Gardens
Vicky Vees Jonas from Khayelitsha chose bright yellows and oranges.