Efforts to keep the community clean

From left are Nic van Zyl, Graeson and Dijon Anthony, Sam van Wyk, Lizen’ Titan and Jarrod Tyson.

A group of Green Point residents have started an initiative to keep their community clean and connected.

The group run a fortnightly initiative called Wednesday Connect and Collect Green Point where they meet and pick up dirt off the streets.

Their aim, they said, was to raise awareness, while assisting those in need and encouraging a more conscious, cleaner and unified community.

A member of the group, Nic van Zyl said on Wednesday last week, they met a homeless man who offered to help for free. “After an hour when we were finished, he helped us carry the bags to a collection point.

“We discovered that he is an artist but lacks materials but he showed us his books with his sketches and drawings.”

He said the group thanked him with a full new set of colour pencils, shoes and a hot meal.

Mr Van Zyl said the group was started a month ago and they’re in need of more hands to support them.

“It’s either we sit and watch the community deteriorating or we stand up as residents and assist in keeping our community clean, connected and conscious,” he said.

Their next walk will be on Wednesday March 10 from the Sea Point civic centre, at 6.30pm. Call Nic van Zyl on 082 403 7719 for more information.