Eric and the bag

Renee Rod, Sea Point

I dropped my handbag in the underground parking garage at The Point last week.

Some time elapsed until I missed it – luckily my cellphone was in the bag and when I called my phone Eric answered.

He had found the bag but my phone was locked and he couldn’t call me.

He said he was at Posticino Italian Restaurant on the Main Road and we arranged to meet there. Thinking he was a diner there, I went in and asked a waitress if she knew a gentleman called Eric who I was to meet there as he had found my bag.

Her response was that Eric was not yet on duty but would be in very soon – she said Eric was the owner.

I went outside and within moments Eric and a young lady carrying my bag arrived. We exchanged pleasantries and my grateful thanks. But thinking he was the owner, I had no reason to ask for his full name, phone and address.The following day I dropped off a gift at Posticino with a thank you card.

To my dismay, I received a phone call from Eric, the owner, who knew nothing about the lost/found bag. It was just an awful coincidence that he shared a name with the Eric who found the bag.

Now I have no way of finding Eric except hopefully through the medium of your newspaper.

Hopefully, the headline will catch his eye and he will phone me on 021 465 3086 or 074 871 8457. If he doesn’t get a reply, perhaps he can text me and I will call him back.