New flats on the cards for Milton Road

Plans for flats in Milton Road has been approved.

The Municipal Planning Tribunal has approved the application for departures on a house on Milton Road, Sea Point.

The applicant, Warren Petterson Planning, proposes to demolish the existing single-storey property and build a five-storey apartment building on the site, which is currently zoned General Residential 5 (GR5).

The new development will consist of three living units with an entertainment area on the fifth storey and the rooftop. Six parking bays will be provided – five on-site with the last one dependent on a minor departure.

The applicant motivated that the proposed development would not negatively affect the area. They said the street consisted of mainly apartment buildings and this proposal would not be undesirable for the area but would rather blend well with the street. Neighbouring residents had object

ed to the application, arguing that the development would cause traffic congestion and that their views and exposure to sunlight would be negatively affected. “Some years ago I had a stunning apartment with lots of sunlight streaming into my apartment,” said Priscilla Davids. “But now I’m in the shadow of the Equinox building. I’ve paid my taxes and rates for decades, surely I can ask the City council to be more sensitive to owners and long standing residents in the area when allowing a higher density development.”

The planning committee of the Sea Point, Fresnaye and Bantry Bay Ratepayers’ and Residents’ Association (SFB) raised concerns that the building, from the third floor up, would affect the neighbouring windows of the Equinox building.

Some argued that the development would obstruct the line of sight for both vehicles and pedestrian’s traffic.

The applicant argued that the proposal represents efficient use of the land and it retains the character of the area.

They said Sea Point was experiencing a property boom and that this proposal would increase the availability of property within the area.