Pupils learn the importance of oral hygiene

Grade R and 1 pupils learn about the importance of oral hygiene

An initiative to educate pupils and parents about dental health and the importance of growing nutritious food was launched at Ellerton Primary School, last week.

The initiative was started by the Sea Point Rotary Club with Dental Wellness Trust (DWF), founded by Sea Point resident Dr Linda Greenwall as part of Rotary Covid -19 oral hygiene and food garden project for pupils.

Pupils learn about gardening and growing nutritious food.

Dr Greenwall and the Rotary Club said these were the efforts to train and educate teachers and parents how to help children look after their oral health, how to clean hands hygienically and why it was important to grow and eat wholesome, nutritious food.

Pupils participated in the project with local ward councillors Ian McMahon and Nicola Jowell.