Residents participate in community walk

Sea Point residents took part in a walk under the banner of the Yellow Bib Campaign on Tuesday March 23.

A group of Sea Point residents took part in a walk under the banner of the Yellow Bib Campaign to address issues affecting the community.

The walk was organised by the Atlantic Seaboard Action Group in collaboration with the Atlantic Seaboard Community Watch to highlight problematic areas, homelessness and to educate the public about responsible giving.

Chairperson of the group, Paul Jacobson, said the Yellow Bib Walk started 15 years ago when Sea Point was riddled with drug lords, prostitutes and lawless behaviour but they came together as a community and made significant improvements.

“Many years ago, then councillor JP Smith, and Heather Tager, rolled out this effective community initiative. We now rekindle this gathering of community members and walk our streets as a united group,” he said.

He said residents can’t even walk around after 6pm because they are scared. “Residents are scared to come out and walk in their own neighbourhood, which was once a world-renowned destination,” he said.

He said their aim was to unite the community and have everyone put all their differences aside and come together to deal with ongoing problems in Sea Point.

“We have a responsibility to look after our family, neighbours and our own neighbourhood. There’s no quick resolve to the inequalities of the past but we want to make our neighbourhood safe for residents,” he said.

Social development officials, law enforcement and Sea Point City Improvement District monitored the walk.

Social development officials engaged with people living on the streets. A homeless person who was found on the street, Lunga Chubu, said he was in Pollsmoor for a year and he wants to go back home in Hermanus to assist his mother.