Residents clean up council plot

A group of Sea Point residents have taken it upon themselves to clean up the City-owned plot on Quantock Road.

The residents live in nearby blocks of flats and claim the plot was being used by criminals and drug users at night.

Resident Cheryl de Becker said it was also a dumping site.

“Residents from Blue Waters and Kingsgates got together and decided to clean up this area because it was getting scary and nothing was being done.”

She said they were starting to feel scared walking on the road because it attracted criminal activity.

She said there was a man who lived there and smoked drugs throughout the day. “At some point he got aggressive and threw rocks in one of the cameras at our complex,” she said.

Ms De Becker said they feel for the homeless but it gets scary when they become aggressive towards residents. “We’re paying high rates in this area and it’s so sad to see our community in this situation. More needs to be done to combat this.”

She added that since the clean-up operation, things have been better and the two homeless people who occupied the space are no longer there.

Ward 54 councillor, Nicola Jowell, said she was contacted last week by residents who wanted her to get City officials to remove the plants in the garden because they felt like they were not being taken good care of.

“I said it wasn’t a good idea to remove the plants there or tar the section but we plan to do a site visit and for now nothing has been confirmed yet,” she said.