Enforce traffic rules where it matters

Tomi Kulcsar, Sea Point

In response to the City’s reply to Sidney Sollinger’s complaint about noise pollution caused by speeding along Main and Beach Roads, it is clear that the City has absolutely no intention to stop this reckless behaviour as Richard Coleman’s response largely referred to speed offences committed on Helen Suzman Boulevard.

As residents know, Helen Suzman is not the problem as people do not regularly cross Helen Suzman Boulevard (except at the pedestrian crossing) nor are there residences directly adjacent to it.

It is obvious that the City is once again focusing on easy targets (Helen Suzman has four lanes but a 60kph speed limit) instead of actively policing poor behaviour on roads that actually affect residents such as Beach, Main and High Level.

I have always wondered how many accidents actually occur on Helen Suzman to warrant all this attention from the traffic authorities. I would wager very few indeed. It is time the City starts working for the people and enforcing traffic rules on roads where it actually matters.