Support for CID

James Woolley, Camps Bay

I strongly support the creation of a City Improvement District (CID) in our area. A CID would address the increasing crime and homelessness we face while ensuring that resources are allocated to Camps Bay under our control, unlike our current rates system.

The current organisation, CBCSI, is struggling to sustain itself due to insufficient contributions and a lack of volunteer support. Without CBCSI, Camps Bay would lose essential resources like tactical vehicles, coordinated responses, and surveillance cameras that we often take for granted.

A CID is the only viable solution as other suggestions rely on voluntary contributions or lack the necessary legal framework. It offers democratic governance, accountability, and the potential for dissolution if it proves ineffective.

Neighbouring areas already have CIDs in place, and we have witnessed the consequences of not having one on our beachfront. By establishing a CID, we can prevent social problems from spilling over into Camps Bay and protect our property values.

In conclusion, a CID is the practical and effective solution we need. I urge the community to support its creation and trust in the current steering committee’s proposal.