Bo-Kaap director’s movie plays at civic centre

The actors from the movie Old Righteous Blues spoke about their experience.

Bo-Kaap director Muneera Sallies screened her feature film Old Righteous Blues at the Schotschekloof civic centre last Friday.

Just over 100 people watched the movie and had an opportunity to socialise with the actors.

“So this movie takes place in Robertson, a little town about two hours from here and it’s set in the year 1997. It’s about the community, it’s about family and it’s about the marching bands that are popular there and I’m sure people from here (Bo-Kaap) can relate to their similarities,” said 35-year-old Ms Sallies.

This was her second movie and she said showing the movie in her home suburb was a fitting gesture from the organisers of the recent Silwerskerm Film Festival.

“My first feature film (Twisted Christmas) was set in Bo-Kaap. But these communities are connected as they share passions of music (Malay choir) and marching bands (klopse), so I’m happy that the festival directors chose Bo-Kaap as a venue to show this movie which is based on events that happened in this little town,” she said.

Bo-Kaap native and movie director Muneera Sallies was nervous and excited at the viewing of Old Righteous Blues at the Schotschekloof hall.
On the left, actresses Vinette Ebrahim and Euodia Samson chat to fans about the movie.
Aydon Croy, the lead actor in Old Righteous Blues chats to veteran actress Vinette Ebrahim.