Rates relief open day for Bo-Kaap residents

Bo-Kaap residents line up at the chambers at the rates relief open day.

The City of Cape Town conducted a rates relief open day for Bo-Kaap residents at their Sub-Council 16 chambers on Monday.

Residents came out to apply for a rates reduction, which is available to homes earning between R4501 and R7500 a month.

Ward 77 councillor Francine Higham noted a considerable attendance from the Bo-Kaap residents.

“The increasing cost of living is putting a lot of pressure on all residents in Cape Town. The City’s Rates Relief Programme is one way that we are trying to support our residents, especially our indigent residents and pensioners through these difficult times,” said Ms Higham.

“Whether you qualify for indigent support or indigent rates relief depends on your monthly household income. I encourage all residents in need of assistance to contact the visit the Walk-In Centre at the Civic Centre or visit the City’s website for more information,” she said.

Osman Shaboodien, chairperson of the Bo-Kaap Civic and Ratepayers’ Association (BKCRA), said they encouraged residents to register for the indigent assistance.

“This is to assist our people, especially the pensioners.”

Mr Shaboodien said homeowners must be accountable for the costs of owning a home.

“If your house or your flat is registered on your name, if you are the homeowner, then you are responsible for the costs of that house. It should not matter who is living with you and the homeowner should be clear about ownership and income.”

He added that there is also a possible price reduction on water, sewerage, electricity and waste collection depending on the indigent/employment status of the individual.

Bo-Kaap residents completing forms at the rates relief open day.