Request for traffic calming

Prestwich Street.

To improve safety and security, traffic calming measures are being considered for intersections where Prestwich Street meets Alfred and Napier streets in Green Point.

This comes after Sub-council 16 noted an application by affected residents to have the measures implemented, due to concerns about lawlessness in the area.

The aim of introducing traffic calming measures to minor residential roads is to reduce the risk of death or injury of road users particularly at the public spaces where a large number of users can be found.

The application was submitted by Ward 115 councillor, Dave Bryant, who stated that the minibus taxis use Prestwich Street instead of Somerset Road. He said many people parked in this road, and motorists often used it as a rat run during peak traffic hours.

He said this was a problem because in the evenings, no one stopped at the four-way stop and during the day, only about half of the motorists actually stop. Mr Bryant said the affected residents had been consulted on the matter.

According to Robert Barrens, a security officer who works in the area, there is often traffic congestion in the morning and evening and “it gets worse when it’s raining”.

He added: “Many cars use this road and the traffic stands still from the hotel until the end of Prestwich in town.”

The Transport and Urban Development Authority will assess the application and make a recommendation to the sub-council for decision. The matter is currently being dealt with in terms of council’s traffic calming policy and sub-council has recommended an investigation on the matter.

Mr Bryant said it could take up to two months for a final decision to be taken.