Storm-tossed Bo-Kaap flats still roofless

The roofs of the Schotsche Kloof flats in Bo-Kaap have yet to be restored after being ripped off by storms two weeks ago on Monday, September 25.

Friends and relatives came to the aid of those whose roofs were blown off after a storm.

The roofs of the Schotsche Kloof flats in Bo-Kaap have yet to be restored after being ripped off by storms two weeks ago, on Monday, September 25. (“Roofs blown off Bo-Kaap flats”, September 28, 2023).

Fahgmie Moerat, 57, says that his wife and daughter are staying in temporary housing provided by the Schotsche Kloof Body Corporate until the renovations are completed.

“We were woken up in the early hours of the morning, about 1.30am, and we didn’t know what was happening, then we realised the roof was damaged and we saw a piece of the roof in the ceiling. We were scared as we did not know what was happening. The rain, the darkness, it was traumatising,” Mr Moerat said.

“Once we were a little composed and realised the storm damaged the roof, we started mopping up and trying to get the water from pooling and going through to the neighbours at the bottom. It was tough but what could we do, we didn’t rest until the next day.”

While City of Cape Town officials were present, Mr Moerat claims they just provided moral support while relatives and friends came to assist them.

“My friends from the rugby club came to assist us with the roof and tried to cover it up. Neighbours also gave a helping hand with buckets and mops. It was a scary experience, it was dark and the rain coming through caused a lot of damage, but we did what we could to prevent the damage.

Mr Moerat said he thought that the City’s disaster management department would assist them but they said they could not because it was private property.

“We moved in with family members at a family house in Bo-Kaap but now they (body corporate) have found a place for us in Salt River until the repairs are done.”

According to Rukshana Champion, chairperson of the Schotsche Kloof Body Corporate, the body corporate have assisted the families who were affected.

“The assessor has been out and all the necessary professionals have been appointed now. We await the plan and timelines. Our primary concern was to get all residents affected alternative accommodation which is almost complete,” said Ms Champion.

She adds that a contractor will be hired soon and that the repairs will start in two weeks.