Tribute to Alan Marsh

Alan Marsh was active in the Camps Bay community and his presence will be missed.

Theresa Massaglia, Camps Bay

Alan Marsh,

How do we say farewell…

Your loss has left a gaping hole in our community and our hearts.

Few may know just how much you did for others, as you never spoke of it but instead quietly just got on with things.

Even less will know how, regardless of your own struggles, you pushed through and set aside your own challenges to always put the needs of the community first.

Your dedication as chairman of our Camps Bay/Clifton Community Police Forum (CPF) meant so much and not surprising how you quickly, through your humble wisdom, won the respect of many authorities.

You led by example and always remained so professional.

Your integrity, calm and discreet approach in the most delicate situations made you the perfect person at the helm, especially when chaos erupted.

As co-founder/director of ignisive we valued your leadership in co-creating the shared vision of authentic collaboration, transformation and social impact, through a fully integrated team-centric model, inclusive of all community stakeholders…including the man on the street.

We greatly appreciated your selfless, kind and methodical approach in helping initiate and drive many joint operations to actively reintegrate adults, children and families off the street.

The real impact of your work is felt beyond the boundaries of Camps Bay, as you eagerly joined the social development interventions in communities like Kalksteenfontein, to support ongoing efforts to keep children in school…and off streets.

Your 78 years of wisdom and exceptional knowledge on so many subjects was invaluable. Thank you for being a teacher, a tour guide, a mentor and a legend to us all.

Your legacy will live through every bit of work we will continue to do in your honour.

Thanks for being the spark that set out to just love, learn, and bring light to everyone who had the privilege of engaging with you.

RIP dear friend… who for many of us became family.

We love you dearly and forever, Alan Marsh.

Your A+ (Positive Action) Team

(from the collective…Community/Businesses/CoCT/Province/SAPS).