Restaurant patrons are the problem

Sidney Sollinger, Sea Point

Theresa Beukes’ response to my letter refers (“Noise nuisance”, Atlantic Sun letters, July 13)

I appreciate the fact that she has expressed distress in regard to complaining, but the real problem lies with her patrons spending more time outside on the pavement than in the restaurant itself.

Our flat is approximately 50m away from her premises, and at times we cannot hear our own TV, all due to the excessively loud music and shouting and screaming from her patrons.

Her reference to a doorman is a complete fallacy; no restrictions are made on people in the road, even those who are partying outside.

I really object to the fact that I cannot determine when I feel like turning in for the night. We simply have to wait until until the last patron has left. (Last) Thursday night it was well past midnight.

I believe we have two options – ask the City Council to remove the waiver allowing them to utilise the pavement for drinking, or apply to the liquor board to remove their license to trade in liquor.